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Originally Posted by firstemperor View Post
The one thing I never liked about Luke wasn't his physicality, but it's always been his skating. I just can't see one being a top flight defenseman in the league, as is, without at least moderate->good skating ability (and elite skaters have huge upside in this league). Schenn was a very poor skater, I think he dropped some weight this season but he's still very slow and lethargic. It's always going to be his achillies heel, and even if we are talking a Foote/Hatcher type player, I'd argue they don't translate as well in today's rules and play-style, which may end up hindering his ability even more.

Conversely, I expected JVR to be a horse-type player down low but his skating has been impressive...he's won many races at his top speed. If we're looking at a purely upside perspective, I feel the leafs got the superior talent. Doesn't mean anything if the development curve doesn't follow suit. However, Flyers addressed a large area of need and got a solid physical player that can be groomed into a leadership role down the line. Solid trade for both teams.
See this is where Schenn takes a lot of abuse.. his skating actually is quite good for a man of his size. No it's not that of a #1 defensman but he is a top pairing man. His problem in Toronto was he was caught out of position a lot. The Flyers system is very aggressive and promotes players finishing the body so long as a forward(s) collapse down low. This has been a plus for Schenn, he's getting more time in the corners and the boards, which is where he excels. The help of Pronger, Kimmo etc haven't hurt either. JVR has top end talent for sure, but at this point with the Flyers offensive heating up, Im quite contend with a guy like Luke Schenn who isn't afraid to stay at home and take care of business in his own zone.

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