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Originally Posted by OHLTG View Post
Hahaha, here's the thing...I KNOW Phyler, personally. He's a buddy of mine. His talking trash is the same as when I rip on the Knights. We could talk trash all day, then go out and have a beer because, well, we're buddies. Nothing is personal. I don't know Simon and Ares (at least I don't believe so), so I wouldn't necessarily have a beer with them. I know it's hard to believe, but not all trash talk is intended to be personal and taken seriously. It's part of the sport. If it upsets you that I can trash talk with London fans, then go out and have a beer and wings with them after the game, that's your issue, not ours. I've known some of these guys (I can name 6-8 of them) for years. Welcome to the nature of hockey...people trash talk, then socialize after. I'm guessing you've never heard of guys who beat the snot out of each other on the ice, then grab a beer after the game?
I have heard about that but they also have a common bond like being friends for a long time growing up etc.. You don't get the point though you take great offence to what I have said about the Spits but when others do it you don't blink an eye. I like your last question though, still the same ole guy thinking he's better than others and asking rhetorical questions to make the other sound dumb. Don't change OHLTG, never change unless you actually want to have a discussion in the future.

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