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02-23-2013, 04:17 PM
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You're making the point others have made with 9000 fans if it's all about big market teams then nobody else will want to bid in the future----
OK, my original post was in response to HL and his saying no one deserves it. You choose to pick my post apart.
Selling out a bigger arena and at potentially higher package prices, eases the financial burden of the team , community so it does matter
You said it didn't.
It's not the only or should it be the biggest factor but it is a factor. Again in Response to HL saying no one deserves it.
Mark wasn t scared off by the others. He wouldn t pay the price asked for the guy or two he thought could help this squad. One I know he squashed had Bo being asked for. None Starter and I'm glad, wouldn t have been much an upgrade IMO and only for a guy this year. He want scared away, just frugal lol.
Ktown,OS, Ply all added so u feel he had to add as well to join the serious club. At least 2 if not 3 of those clubs will have ended up spending in vain. Maybe just maybe Mark did the right thing.
Time will tell.

Blackmailing comment has nothing to do with gauranteed cash but read into it what you want. I'm sure the Knights could pony up an equal amount of cash the Spits could. And it has nothing to do with our turn, we got screwed in '11 or we built a new arena or we hosted the under 17s. Different issue and I have no idea if but don't be surprised if the Spits get the Cup

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