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02-23-2013, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Schalkenullvier View Post
I'm sure it would be a decent investment for a company that wants to improve their market in Russia... but wouldn't they sponsor directly in Russia for that? I'm not sure there's a company wiling to sponsor (with BIG money) a german team without actually getting much publicity in germany itself.
CKD Group has Lev Prague, they were (are??) sponsor of Magnitka. I dont know, maybe it is not so easy to sponsor russian club if you are from Germany? I mean law restrictions... who knows.

On top of that there would be many sponsors needed, because it is difficult to just start a club from scratch. It's a huge risk actually.They tried that in Hanover with the scorpions, and although they won a championship, the second division but traditional Indians are still 10x as popular in the city and the scorpions are always on the brink of bankrupcy.
12-15 milions Euro is enough for the beggining. I believe it would not be problem for one or two big german firms. Whom does Gazprom do bussiness with?

Let's say they want to put a team in Berlin, the only chance they have is that it is the Eisbären switch over to the KHL... if you start a new franchise to compete with them, no one will go watch it, even if the Eisbären get relegated to 2nd division.
Agree, similar situation with Lev vs Sparta/Slavia but Lev has still better attendance. Medvedev said that there were 3-4 german club interested in joining. I dont believe that all of them was new clubs... it was a year ago, have no idea about today´s situation.

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