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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
If the IIHF created their own best on best tournament it could certainly become hugely successfull. It might take a bit of time but other sports have done it, and hockey could too.

The reason why economic beneifts are so important is because the periodic exposure to a sport is not enough to stimulate any significant amount of growth (if growth is important to you). The Superbowl is the perfect example of this.

However if the profits of a best on best tournament stay within hockey then a lot of the money can be used for grassroots programs. Again there is only so much the IIHF can do. The most important thing for growing the sport is in giving people the day in and day out exposure that a league provides, but investment in minor hockey programs certainly doesn't hurt.
You didn't explain why or how an IIHF-run "best-on-best" tournament would be more successful than the World Championships.

From your description the only differences would be players from the four NHL teams still playing during the WHC being eligible (big deal), and it being every 4 years instead of 1.

I don't think those are big enough differences for the IIHF to scrap their already successful World Championships for a completely new tournament, one that would be held less often and therefore most likely not make them anywhere near as much money.

On top of that, how do you get the NHL to shut down for it if they don't want to shut down for the Olympics? If the IIHF pays the NHL to shut down, then they're making even LESS money which is another reason they would have no interest in such a tournament.

Personally I'm fine with the World Championships, and so are most people considering it has been taking place without a hitch since 1930. Why we even need a "best-on-best" tournament is beyond me. If that's what people want, tell the NHL to end the season earlier. Or make sure the NHL plays at the Olympics.

The problem isn't the international hockey schedule, it is the NHL.

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