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Originally Posted by BnGBear1970 View Post
They won't. That's why every scenario involving southern Ontario involves expansion, with either Hamilton or Markham as the target. Absolutely no one is including Toronto, the GTA, or any part of southern Ontario as a serious relocation target for a reason.

As far as this nonsense about how a second hockey team in the ACC would equate to what the Kings, Lakers, and Clippers deal with at Staples, there is one major league difference: the third wheel team in LA is a basketball team. They have their own floor, which takes the same amount of upkeep and damage as the Lakers' floor. In the case of a second NHL team in Toronto, you're looking at two teams sharing the same ice sheet that undergoes changes no more than twice a year. The ice would be below OHL standards by Christmas, and borderline unplayable at some point in the year. Yeah, logistically, three teams can share a venue, but not two NHL teams. Not anymore.

Oh, and about MLSE wanting to kill a second NHL-quality arena in the GTA, this part probably needs to be emphasized: they don't care. Everyone in the league knows that the fourth-largest city in North America is comically underserviced by the NHL (NYC has THREE NHL teams, LA has 1.5, and Chicago has only the one, but it's in the fifth year of a renaissance), and it's only a matter of time before one of the 'burbs gets an arena built with the goal of landing an expansion franchise. MLSE will simply put up a fight until they think they've maximized their indemnity award from the new team, then step aside. After all, it will be a long time before Toronto2 affects the Leafs' bottom line, what with the sellouts despite being the only franchise to miss the playoffs since the 2004-05 lockout AND the highest average ticket price in the league by a considerable margin.
Huh? We had the technology to send a man to the moon in 1969, but 44 years later we can't keep the ice at the ACC in good enough condition for 2 teams? We can do it for 1 team and 41 home games per year, but not 2 teams and 82 games?

The saddledome in Calgary is home to the Flames, as well as the Calgary hitmen of the WHL, the Calgary Roughnecks lacrosse team, plus concerts and other events. I wonder how they manage that? Maybe the ACC folks need to call them up for some pointers.

The Rexall Place in Edmonton has long been viewed as having one of the best kept ice surfaces in the nhl. Rexall also happens to be the home of the Edmonton oil Kings of the WHL, and the Edmonton Rush of the National Lacrosse League. I'm sure I could find more examples if I looked.

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