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Originally Posted by Section103 View Post
Aren't you the one who doesn't rely on stats? Correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm sorry if I rustled your jimmies.

As a fan, and not an armchair GM, I simply stated my opinion. And my opinion is DeKort is not going to carry this team next season. I really hope I'm wrong, but right now I cringe with him in net.

Sure, the team in front of him hasn't been the best and has hung him out to dry on occasion, but the same could be said for him. A good goalie gives his team a chance to win, even in bad situations.

Stats aside, he does not look comfortable in net. His rebound control is bad. His positioning is questionable. Maybe the communication problems you mention are on him? Normally I'm ice level, but with my wife's recent surgery, I've got a chance to watch from a suite. Different perspective, and my opinion of DeKort has actually worsened.

I really hope he can pull it together, but like the Leafs, we need some veteran guidance in goal.

Just my opinion as a STH and fan.

I think the jury is still out on DeKort,after all he is only 17,1st year in the league
Windsor was offensively challenged during the 1st half of season,was relflected
in the number of goals they scored when Dekort started,fast forward to now,especially the last 18 games,injuries to the defense,suspensions,have gutted this team,a team that can score more but allows more grade A chances because their
2 best D who separately would eat up 25 minutes plus a game,have been out of the lineup,the team has been forced putting players in spots where they are ill suited because of experience and or skill set,ie Murphy only 17 good off skills weak defensively,small sized forced to play top 4 minutes,same now with Sanvido,only 16,may have hit a wall but forced to play top 4 minutes,Vail moved back because 3
D-men out,Bowen becomes your 5th guy,Brown because of games restrictions re being on a B card cant play all the time despite showing some nice promise,Ebert by acclamation becomes your best D, and while at times he has improved being shoved in the No 1 role is ill suited for his skill set better served as a 3-4 guy,his offense has dipped only 1 pt in his 10 games
My point is both goalies cant be fully faulted for what has occurred especially Dekort
Team play especially as it relates to defensive schemes has been affected by the injuries etc,its become a domino effect forwards included in that mix as well
Pavelka to me despite my reasoning has checked out mentally,which has not helped
Both goalies for the most part played better during the 1st half
Does Dekort need to work on things absolutely,so does Pavelka too but for the most
the reasons above reflect the difficulties the goalies have had to endure
What galls me more would to have given up in from him or Pavelka
That is inexcusable no matter how bad things have been and are still

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