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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Nobody has ever claimed that tanking alone is sufficient to make a team into an instant contender.

There is no proof or counterproof, as nobody made the strawman argument you put down.
How can you be certain that "nobody" has ever made this claim? I'm simply joking around, I know LG is extravagant in his approach to tanking, but he always makes appropriate arguments. I just don't believe that in Montreal you can sell your assets to hit the bottom. Last year with injury we pulled it off, but selling your players when you have a chance to make the playoffs (The year Souray went UFA was a big item on LG agenda, although we were in the playoff hunt)

Edmonton's management is just a total fail. They don't understand that you have to build a team from the net out and they consistently ignore that.

Either way, I am not serious and I can guarantee many people have made the argument that you believe no one ever made. (Maybe you didn't make it and you NEVER did, but you aren't everybody to insinuate nobody, right?)

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
What about tanking combined with good drafting and acute trading and acquisition of key free agents?

Compare the Oilers to the Kings.

The Kings had 3 lottery picks. They traded one of them (Brayden Schenn) for a missing piece: Mike Richards. Then they won a cup.

They also traded Colton Teubert (high pick) for Dustin Penner -- with the Oilers. Kings then won a cup. Oilers finished last and drafted Yakupov.

When will the Oilers trade Yakupov or Hall for first solid defensive minute eater they need? Never (I suspect), they don't want to accelerate the process. Maybe this year they draft Barkov, and their defense will still suck.

Have they signed any key free agents recently other than Schultz? No. Why not?
No one will argue with your reasoning, if they possess any logic. I agree with what you said, it's more detailed than my depiction of the hapless and poor management of the Oilers.

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