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02-23-2013, 04:51 PM
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Penguins' Power Play

I think it's been a while since there has been a PP thread, and that is probably because our PP is 2nd in the league. Despite this success, I still see people complaining about the PP in GDTs. Now, this could be chalked up to heat-of-the-moment-passion (read: crying), but I tend to think it's more about expectations.

When you see a line of Geno, Neal, Crosby, Letang, and Kunitz (or Martin now, or even Nisky), playing against 4 guys, it's pretty easy to just assume a goal is in your pocket.

People have to realize that there will always be some kind of diminishing return here. I read this analogy on a fitness blog recently, and I think it can be applied to a lot of things, this being one of them (source here):

The top speed of the original Veyron was 253 mph. To increase the speed to 268 mph — an increase of just 15 mph — the horsepower of the engine had to be increased from 987 to 1184 bhp. That extra 200 bhp by itself is a lot more than you’ll get from a lot of cars.

Why so much extra horsepower for such a small amount of extra speed?

Aerodynamic drag increases exponentially with speed. Ignoring the effect of rolling resistance, if 100 bhp would push a car 100 mph through the air, doubling the speed to 200 mph would require not just 200 bhp but 400 bhp in order to overcome air resistance. A speed of 300 mph would require 900 bhp.

To put it another way, the faster the car goes, the harder it is to go even faster.
The same holds true for point production; just because we have the best players on one line doesn't mean they'll score every shift, it just increases the odds a bit.

Now that Malkin is injured, there will likely be a bit more shuffling around on the PP lines. Ogrezilla mentioned he thought the 1st PP line would be Sid, Neal, Kunitz, Letang, Martin, and I would agree with that. However, I really really hope Martin stays on the point and Letang plays heavily offensive D. Martin is so much stronger on the point, I feel like he gets wasted on the PP when he is playing the boards. Similarly, Letang has been horrible there this season, but really played a great grindy game last night when he was winning puck battles.


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