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02-23-2013, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
If someone throws elbows at Crosby or Malkin, you can do one of two things. Either go after the guy that threw the elbow, or you can start targeting their star players. If it means having to kill off a 2 minute penalty, big deal. Those teams don't seem worried about taking penalties. Hell, Philly was down 2-0, called a timeout, and immediately some plug boarded Bortuzzo. But teams will start getting the message that there are reprecussions for questionable hits against this team. It takes time to build a reputation as a 'tough' team. But gaining a reputation as a soft team happens pretty quickly.
When you say targeting their star players, do you mean with clean or dirty hits? We should already be doing the former, and I disagree with the latter route. I don't think Matt Cooke made this team any safer when he was running around throwing dirty hits, do you? And god forbid if in response to a questionable hit on a guy like Bortuzzo we injure Giroux and prompt Philly or whoever else is involved to retaliate further.

Dirty plays on Crosby and Malkin haven't exactly been rampant. You could argue that none of Crosby's concussions were a result of a particularly dirty or malicious hit, and I guarantee that Malkin throws more elbows than he recieves.

Maybe if Geno wasn't worried about dodging elbows and crosschecks all game long, he'd have more than 4 goals this year? Maybe if we had some guys that would tell a Rinaldo 'slash Letang one more time and I'm taking Giroux's knee out', Letang wouldn't have to be sent to the box for defending himself.
It's more than a stretch to imply that Geno's goalscoring slump has anything to do with our team toughness when he notched 50 last season and won MVP with the same roster. As for Rinaldo, you can't stop an idiot like that. The only reason he is in the game is to piss the other team off and he knows it. If somebody told him that they'll take out Giroux's knee if he slashes Letang again he'd probably respond by threatening to take Crosby's head off. Do you really want to open up that can of worms?

And the Wings are pretty much the exception to the rule, but they still usually always had hard nosed physical guys around that would stand up for each other.
Detroit mostly just had guys who would facewash you in a scrum aside from McCarty, and Engelland is just as tough as he is. Detroit certainly didn't go around trying to injure other teams players when one of their stars was targeted either and they did just fine.

Regardless of how we feel, I'm betting that our reputation with other teams is just that - a gritty bunch of guys who are willing to defend each other. We're just a self-conscious bunch.

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