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Originally Posted by Rockmorton View Post
One think I think people are missing here, is that when you are talking about deadline deals, you have to consider more than simply what a player's "blue book" value is. There are a few other things to consider;

a) How close a team feels they are to contending
b) Which other teans are trying to fill that same need
c) Has ownership given the gm a "do what you need to do to win" directive?
d) The level of emotions in the negotiations (ie a GM's job may be on the line if they don't make the final, etc)

For instance, lets say Iginla is in play. Just this year both Pittsburgh and Boston have been rumored to be interested. For the sake of keeping it simple, I will keep it to these two teams. Im sure there would be more than 2 interested should Iggy be available. If Feaster were smart, here's how he should play it:

Feaster: Hey Chiarelli (Bos), we're thinking of moving Iginla. What'll you give us for him? BTW, I'm also talking to Shero (Pitts).
Chiarelli: Well our roster is set for a good run at the cup, so we dont want to give up any of our top guys. Will you take a first in 2013?
Feaster: Let me get back to you - Shero? you there? Boston just offered us a first for Iginla, can you beat that?
Shero: Sure, we'll give you a "B" level prospect and our first this year.
Chiarelli: Ok, how about two "B" level prospects and our first this year?
Shero: Well, we dont want to give up three prospects for him, so how about an "A" level prospect and a first?

This is where the emotions can take over and I think a different dynamic takes hold. Right about here is where the gms realize that if they dont get Iggy, the other team will, so its not just about acquiring Iggy, but the real threat of the other team(s) getting him. The "ransom" will keep rising until one gm says uncle.

If Feaster plays his cards right, he could do this for Iggy (Pitts/Bos), Bouwmeester (Phi/Det/Stl), and possibly Kipper (StL/TB), for example. The return could get quite large. I guess we'll see.
You also have to take into account who else may be on the market. What if Ribeiro, Jagr, Ryder, Roy, Morrow, Alfredsson, Semin, Filppula, Smyth, Gagner, Penner, and Weiss are also all available. I could see Pittsburgh or Boston saying that they will go after Alfredsson rather than pay such a high price for Iginla. Weiss, Alfredsson and Ryder all seem like guys that Boston would have a lot of interest in especially if the price isn't as high as Iginla, especially Alfredsson. Briere has also been rumored to be available and is another guy they would have to consider. There seem to be no shortage of options this year if the teams those players play for are out of the playoff picture. In some cases it doesn't matter either way, they will be available.

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