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Originally Posted by Gigantor The Goalie View Post
This thread never fails to disappoint.

Fans of other team: We're interested in O'Reilly
Avs fans: What about this young good defender and a prospect?
Fans of other team: Nope those players aren't going anywhere, defenders is our best player and prospect is either going to be Orr or Gretzky so we want to hold onto him
Avs fans: What about that other young defender and other prospect?
Fans of other team: Don't want to do that either, that's our second best defender and that prospect is either Lemieux or Bourque so no deal
Avs fans: So what can you give up?
Fans of other team: How about this 3rd liner and prospect that should turn out to be the next great 3rd line/pairing guy
Avs fan: No way we're doing that
Fans of other team: Something something something unsigned RFA, something something something 55 points, something something something 2nd line center

Seems to be the way these conversations are going. Avs fans want a decent young defender and prospect but no one wants to give up their players because they like the idea of getting O'Reilly for free.
Would something around Despres or Niskanen be of interest to the Avalanche?

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