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02-23-2013, 05:10 PM
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Concussions Avs and all other teams

Why don't the Avalanche and NHL take a stance on concussions? I don't mean make it penalties or suspensions but why isn't the gear getting better?
Why aren't helmets like the M11 by Messier wore by more players?
Shouldn't player safety be up there? I know that players do like certain equipment and such but why hasn't CCM, Reebok and the rest come up with better helmets to protect the players or why haven't the players sought out these items?
As seen with Karlsson in Ottawa after an injury the items seem to pop up and be shown but concussion have been happening so long, I just don't see why players, the league the equipment makers haven't made the stand to protect the players, in all leagues and all ages. Sorry about the rant, been thinking about it for weeks.

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