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02-23-2013, 05:38 PM
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Is it just me? I've noticed there's a lot less panicky "get rid of this guy!" "fire this guy!" "we need to do this!" talk in the last few days? all the trolls go home? or is it possible that because standings-wise we're sitting in a bubble playoff position (where most people thought we'd be) things just don't seem as dramatically bad as they did a week ago when we were outside the playoff picture but only by a point or two. So, when we lose a couple in a row now and are in, say, 11th place but three points out of a playoff position I would suggest you try to calm the **** down before labeling this or that a problem. It's only a "problem" insofar as it's keeping us from playing at a level few people expected we would achieve anyway. This is how we (the majority here) thought we'd play...or rather these are the results we thought we'd get with this team. If you honestly believe we're going to create separation from those below us right now in the rankings you are expecting us to play hockey at a new level for some reason. they're all conference games. one of the two teams in every game is going to gain points relative to us, and while we'd like to pick and chose who that is it is of course out of our hands. Eddy beat Phoenix in a 3 point game...keeps PHO from widening the gap between 8 and 7th (yay! less separation!) but narrows the gap between 11th and 8th to one point. (boo! less separation!)

meandering rant.

tl;dr pleas shut up about how poorly the Wild are playing until we're, oh, i don't know...6 points out of a playoff spot? because we're really about where most of us expected to be.

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