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02-23-2013, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Again, like Renney, its not about that, its about how he is using/misusing/ruining young players.

Paajarvi looks like he may be salvageable. Maybe.

Do you really want to go down that road with Yakupov?

I could give a ripe **** if the team loses, but if they are going to lose and bury their talent, for no good ****ing reason, that is quite another thing.

Why wasnt Gagner benched for his inability to cover his man on the first goal? That was much more egregious than anything I saw Yakupov do.
Yakupov has been a turnover machine since he got here so I don't have a problem with Krueger managing his icetime. Yes, Smyth playing so much today instead of him was a head-scratcher but I can see the reasoning behind it. Even then, Yakupov gets ample powerplay time and for the most part has played in the top-six this season. Ruining young players? The best way to do that is to throw them to the wolves. Gagner has been a defensive disaster his whole career but what is Krueger supposed to do when they're down two goals? Throw CVV or Belanger out there with Hemsky? If Tambellini wasn't Tambellini then we'd have a more balanced lineup.

What did you expect this season when the only additions to the roster were Yak and JSchultz? I didn't like the Krueger hiring initially but there hasn't been enough reason to fire him based on the roster. Not even close.

Coaches are always the scapegoat.

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