Thread: Post-Game Talk: Whats a "Special Teams" Jets lose 5-3
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02-23-2013, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by surge1979 View Post
To be fair, our PK has improved dramatically since the start of the season (mostly because of Pavelec). We missed 2 coverage assignments today both ended up in the back of our net. The other one was a 5-3 and a howitzer shot. There's basically no room for error on the PK.

I've been sayng this for the past 12 games or so...our Power Play is a way bigger problem. Zone entries are diysmal and our entire playbook is shots from the point. It reminds me of when I was in peewee and we had this defenseman who could fire it about 85 mph while the rest of us could only shoot 30. This is the NHL and they have ****ing video. They know exactly what we're doing.

We're 0/15 in the last 4 games. We have 54 shots on 59 opportunities - the worst in the league and its not even close. I blame this entirely on Pearn. Good teams make adjustments - some of them in the game. Our only adjustment was to put Buff in front a couple of times. We have Clitsome out there. Are you kidding me?

I would really like to see us move back to Bogo and Buff at the point. Ladd does a fine job standing in front. I really think Burmi should be out there on the half wall because he's ouir only forward that doesnt **** his pants under pressure.....

The last time I mentioned that our PP was awful, I got scolded by a bunch of people because we were ranked 15th in the league (as if we shouldn't worry about something that is fundamentally flawed because we got a few lucky goals from the point to boost our ranking). If we don't make significant improvements to our PP, we're totally ****ed.
I pretty much agree with the sentiments that:

1) Our PK isn't THAT bad... that our poor PK was due to Pav's basically having a 600 PK SV% but he's done well the last three games in restoring that
2) Our PP IS that bad bad... that we have huge issues with:
a) getting quantity of shots
b) getting quality of scoring oppertunities
c) being unpredictable
d) getting zone entry
e) sustaining pressure in

I would really like to see how many of the fans here would be ****ing on our players if
1) Pavelec consistently played like he did against OTT, BOSx2, WSH, PITx2, PHIx2, BUF, CAR
2) We figured our **** on the PP (this is approach issue, not a talent issue)
3) We could have more than 5 minutes of an intact top3 for our D-core

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