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02-23-2013, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by greenstickytoes View Post
i love how you overrate Simmonds so bad...
the guy had a career high of 49pts in his whole 4 year career
and thats playing with good teams especially the flyers..
i would never give a defensemen like diaz playing extremely well
right now plus a younger bigger centermen prospect like Eller which can do
everything that Simmonds can and prob more
since hes a centermen.
. Flyers refusing a deal like this
would ONLY be because of preference and not because of value.
if we talk value, montreal is getting robbed in this trade especially
if Eller becomes what he is supposed to, which looks like he will
just by how well he is playing this season showing major progression year
after year.
right now i would hesitate even if you told me Simmonds for only Diaz..
Diaz progression is amazing. if he continues like this i dont even
want to see ''simmonds'' in the same sentence as ''diaz''.
keep your winger and we will keep our defencemen and good luck
for the season bud.
Go watch the last 3 Flyers games and tell me that Eller is anywhere near the type and level of player that Simmonds is. Simmonds>>>Eller...and it's not debatable

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