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Originally Posted by E = CH≤ View Post
So to resume your post : such and such habs dmen are getting more minutes so PK is getting less minutes. What an analysis. Thanks for sharing that.

I think everyone realizes that the minutes are spread mostly evenly between all dmen. You talk as if only a desperate team would give more than 20 min to Subban ? The thing is, when you have a horse like Subban in your stable, there is no reason not to play him more than 20 min, unless it's team Canada and all other dmen are as good or better. Which isn't our situation in case you were wondering.

Not to mention that with Markov slowing down and Diaz being unable to handle his penalty kill duties properly... the habs do need Subban to play more.

The point people are bringing up atm is that Subban was part of the #1 PK last season. Best in the league. He was on the first PK unit so he was clearly a big part of it. This year he is not playing on the PK and the habs ****ing suck at it. So, it seems obvious the answer is for Diaz to surrender his penalty kill minutes to Subban. So the habs clearly do need him to play more.

What a primadonna. He came off really poorly in the Stubbs interview.

Therrien responds:

Right now, I canít concentrate on that because heís not there. Ö Iíd love to work with the young man in his development year. Itís fun for a coach, and Iíve been there before, to take a young man like this and work with him for the future. Make him better not only as a player Ö

Yes, I want to make the player better. But I want to make him a better person. Thatís always been my philosophy. I want them to be good teammates. Good teammates work hard, will block a shot for the team, will stand up for his partner.

Thatís the pressure I put on my players, to be good teammates. Iíd love to work with him, no doubt.

No more celebration after the games, no more penalty kill time for PK = plan the parade.

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