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02-23-2013, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by m9 View Post
They have at the lighter weight classes, sure. But they also jumped in before the UFC was really going for those classes. Now that the UFC has, there aren't as many guys that are taking the restrictive Bellator contracts. Their talent pool at HW, 205, and 185 has always been extremely limited.

Also, despite WSOF being new they have a working relationship with the UFC that Bellator doesn't have. If a guy wants to get back in the UFC and thinks he is close, he will now sign with WSOF. It's really that simple. If it's true that Fitch signed with WSOF, it will surprise most people but it won't surprise me at all. Bellator will get a talent spike as well but for many of these guys WSOF makes sense.

The guys who should be going over to Bellator are the Russow's or Volkmann's - these guys will never be able to compete on the highest level in the UFC but might be able to grind their way to a Bellator final or championship and make some good money.
Their 185 talent pool wasn't terrible. Mostly headlined by Schlmenko and Lombard for the most part, but they had some ok talent in there otherwise. The heavy classes are pretty bad though, definitely agree there. Even then, they're still getting guys like Alexander Sarnavskiy to boost their young talent.

I'd say that it's probably true that it will go that way now, but I'm speaking of the guys that would have been or be otherwise signed by the UFC. The WSOF has little history there. Time will tell though.

Side note, can't wait for Spong to get his butt in the UFC and Cejudo to climb the rungs.

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