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Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post
Avs fan perspective:

TPS is to be trusted. He has proven to have ties to a few players and one of them is ROR. You have to understand that our GM for whatever reason has mancrushes on certain players on different teams. Little is very high up on this list. Rumor was that the Avs went hard after him last deadline and that talks had progressed far enough that Little was asking one of the guys TPS has connections to about the Avs organisation and Denver and how it is to play for them. So I guess it was pretty serious.
I am not sure why it fell apart but I believe it was because of an insane goalscoring or pointstreak by Little right around the deadline.

As an Avs fan I would hate ROR for Little + small plus. With Sherman wanting Little bad I feel that we will get shafted and that Little + small + might just be what this deal will turn out to be.

Avs fans don't believe that we can get Little and Trouba for ROR.
I for one would easily add Elliott to ROR in order to get him.
For those not knowing who Elliott is: Was WHL dman of the year a year or two ago and has ridiculous offensive upside. Best wristshot since Sakic. But right now he is very bad defensively. He would be high risk very high reward. He was for some reason called up last week from the AHL (he just recovered from an injury and is not up to speed and struggling right now. So him getting called up was a bit a surprise and some of us speculated about him being showcased(did not go well if we wanted to showcase him I guess)
I still don't think that Chevy would do it.

But if you get ROR for just Little and a lesser prospect, you just completely hosed us.
Thanks JoemAvs. The problem with us dealing Trouba and getting Elliot in return is that Elliot is exactly the type of D man we need less of, and Trouba is exactly the type that we need more of. Siemens would be a better piece coming back, but I wouldn't want to do that either as I see Trouba's upside as much higher.

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