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02-23-2013, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
No one is debating if Nolan is a third line player, he isn't.

The guy is a fourth liner.

There is no reason for Nolan to be in the top six, or on the Third line.

Take it a step further, King shouldn't even be in the lineup.

14ga ZERO goals 1 assist for King....

Nolan at least has a Goal.... 14ga 1g 2A....

Id rather Gagne be back in the line up replacing King.
then what the problem with my posts i was complaining about him getting 3rd line shifts not anything else and he wasnt playing as well as everyone thought because as even sutter said theres issues in his game. and hes shifts have been less then they have been at the top of his playing time. Other then the one fraser goal whihc he got a point on He hasnt been playing that well. We need more skill on the wings on the 3rd line and im sure before the end of the season we will see it. For kings first nhl rw game *( if he has played the rw postion before i dont recall. ) He played ok i remember seeing him make at least a couple of soild plays at our own bluelines where he ended up clearing the puck out of our zone. Nolan i cant remember seeing him do anything postive. Althou i will admit i was shocked to see his mins at over 9 and i did have to reboot my puter and missed a few mins of play in the 3rd So maybe he did something then.

Personally i dont really care who goes between penner richardson and gagne. The only reason i dont want to see king is signed for cheap next year and the others are fa. I do think he has decent enuff upside for the 3rd line role he plays. If we can get a decent vetern d for any of the 4 i say do it and dont look back.

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