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Originally Posted by tsanuri View Post
Just have to wonder if it is something to do with CCM having the rights to "vintage jerseys." But I am one of those that if I buy a jersey I want an authentic one. I know I saw during the lockout that some of the reporters were talking about the kings vintage jerseys at the NHL store. But no idea if they were the CCM or rbk. And if you check they don't even have the CCM ones for the Kings.
the first year of the Legends jerseys were used I know team la carried them. BUT, they were CCM versions and not the authentic reebok edge versions. different fabric, slightly different color, different cut to the jersey. from what i was told they only had them that first year.

Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post
I got a high quality vintage Doughty jersey on eBay (numbers stitched on, NOT ironed, thick jersey material and not the cheap ****) and it was ****ing dirt cheap too. Even has the authentic fight straps. Was the one with the name on it though. We only wore those once last year? Or two years ago. Was the first time we started wearing them again and the first game had names and after that, was numbers only. Wish I could remember the seller because they did an awesome job at a cheap price with authentic jerseys (tags and all).
better quality, but a counterfeit. personally i dont care for them, ever. in the case of these though i dont care. if reebok, the nhl and the league are dumb enough to not offer them for sale - then F them. there is very high demand for the jersey and if they won't offer them, then someone will fill the void.

Originally Posted by tsanuri View Post
But who made the jersey? if it was rbk then checking the numbers would show if it was an edge or premier. Also how it was sold was it numbers for the size or s-xxl? On ebay there are many sellers that sell premier jerseys that add the fight strap to try and make them look like edge. And no authentic edge jersey, the ones worn on ice, come in s-xxl they are all numbered.

adding a fight strap doesn't make it an edge. the materials are different, some of the internal piping and other labels are also different. i laugh every time i look at a jersey listing and they make a big deal out of the fight strap. now i look at these listings as a red flag, because serious collectors with real jerseys will focus on other more important details than the strap.

I have found some plain jerseys being sold out there in bulk but they are not the real think and I suspect many on ebay are these jerseys.
these days i wouldn't spend the money on any jersey from ebay, unless you are comfortable knowing it's highly likely its a fake. there are numerous sellers that "remanufacture" jerseys with incorrect letters, numbers, fonts, nameplates, etc. they know they can operate relatively freely with little chance of problems on ebay. unless you know exactly what to look for then your wasting your money.

Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post
It's a RBK and came in a numbered size. From what I remember, the seller gets blank jerseys and sews the name and number on themselves.
this is the "remanufacture" process, that is essentially a cottage industry. some of the sellers do very good work and will actually produce a more authentic jersey, than what reebok pumps out with the replicas. the reebok replicas are **** imo, compared to the older manufacturers. bad enough they finally this year shifted manufacture back to canada. they were producing a lot of them in Indonesia the past few years and the Indo-Edges are notorious for being very shoddy.

the first use of the Legends jersey was in VAN and they didn't have nameplates. since then they have had nameplates on them.

i love the throwbacks. the colors just pop on the ice and tv. it's the Kings heritage and someday they will wake up and go back (i hope). personally i am waiting for my '85 home Simmer replica to come back completed.

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