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02-23-2013, 08:04 PM
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Doesn't fit the system but he scored 40 goals last season. How exactly is trading the teams best goal scorer, who has scored 40 twice in three years, going to improve the offense? Additionally the issue is not having players not fitting the system but using a system that does not fit the players given that a system is significantly easier to change than a roster and should be designed such that it maximizes the rosters ability.

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Again, is scoring a goal in OT the same thing as scoring the fourth goal to make it 4-0only to see the other team score 3 to make that 4th goal a game winner? Why not address the question? Why not answer the fact that he is intermittently great and intermittently disappears instead of q

I have never disputed he is an excellent offensive player. My contention is that if you appear to not be bringing it all the time, as even his supporters admit here, are you worth having at 7.5 million a year?

To me, no. To you, yes. We disagree.
You should not make the statement that Gaborik scores unnecessary goals rather than important ones without providing the data showing that he does this significantly more often than other goal scorers of similar caliber. Additionally I can almost guarantee that if there is any difference (highly unlikely there will be much of one) it will not be statistically significant and you are just basing it on a biased sample size of games during a period where he isn't playing his greatest.

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