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02-23-2013, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
That's actually EXTREMELY reasonable.

I could see it helping both teams significantly.

Unfortunately, Read is sidelined for the next month and a half.

Yeah, it's really not even close. Simmonds is on his own planet right now. He's never going to be a PPG weapon or anything like that, but he is definitely a force of willpower and energy. Players like him don't just grow on trees.
Actually, Read for Diaz is only reasonable in a vacuum. In reality, Montreal does not want another small skilled forward, we have enough. Montreal needs a Simmonds type far more than a Read type. There is absolutely no interest in moving Diaz for Read, especially with Read being injured. We need size and if Diaz continues to play as well as he has, he will easily be worth far more than Matt Read by the trade deadline. Matt Read isn't even as valuable as David Desharnais, and you should see the peanuts people claim he is worth.

Simmonds is definitely better than Eller, so far. However, I think the gap is smaller than many might realize. Eller has been hampered by playing behind Plekanec and DD, and will also have Galchenyuk eating center time from him. Watch Eller play, and you will see that he is far better than his numbers indicate (go watch the work he did on the Habs' third goal tonight to see the kind of player he is). Sort of like Couturier. Out of curiosity, who do you think is more valuable to Philly, Simmonds or Couturier?

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