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02-23-2013, 08:34 PM
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If I may chime in here...

What JoemAvs posted was entirely accurate. TPS does have valid ties to a couple of NHLers, a lot of them, coincidentally, played for the Avs. He hasn't outright come out and said which ones he knows individually, with the exception of Ryan Wilson, but has, in the past, given us enough information to know that his information is legit.

And it was shortly before last year's trade deadline that he let us know some information regarding talks between the Jets and the Avs. That apparently, talks were advanced enough that it was heavily implied that Little, and his agent, became aware of the Avs' heightened interest and asked one of our (now former) players how the city/fans/organization was. That player was TJ Galiardi. While Galiardi himself was frustrated with his position on the team, but apparently had nothing but glowing recommendations for everything that Little wanted to know about the team.

Add on top of that, the uncanny coincidence that nearly all of Sherman's trade targets have been from the 2006 drafts, and/or have come out later that they were "longtime Sherman" targets.

EJ: 2006 draft and the GM of the Blues told NHL Live after the trade that Sherman had called him either before the season began or shortly after it began, the Blues GM wanted to table talks until a later date.

Mueller: 2006 draft

McGinn: 2006 draft, and apparently someone that the Avs and Sherman and Co. were/are very high on and wanted him badly

Downie: After he re-signed his agent had apparently given some quote that stated that he (Downie) was someone that Sherman had wanted and targeted. Downie had even given a quote that it was "nice to feel wanted".

Varlamov: 2006 draft. We also know that the Avs were shopping the 2011 11th Overall pick in exchange for a young goaltender at the 2011 Draft. Rumors were that they had offered it for Bernier/Schneider, and other rumors were that they also offered it for Varlamov, not sure which is which, but we know that they made the deal later for Varly.

That brings us to Little. He is a 2006er as well, so in accordance with Sherman's "Grand Plan" it's all but done that he'll be on the Avs (this is just a joke/sarcasm)!

But in all seriousness. I'm one of the Avs fans, while getting Little and Trouba would be awesome, I don't at all think it's possible. (unless like I stated on the Avs board, a scenario arose that Chevy and Co. are not happy w/ him, but that's not at all the case as I see/hear it)

And just FYI, the Avs do have plenty of Defensemen on the roster, one of which I think is going to be traded along with O'Reilly when that day comes. (Most likely someone like Hunwick/O'Byrne/O'Brien imo)


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