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Originally Posted by McNuts View Post
Again with that old school Don-Cherry-esque nonsense... A hit like that (which was illegal and resulted in a penalty) does not change the flow of the game, if not against the Habs due to the penalty.

This kind of argument, along with "having an enforcer gives confidence to our players and makes the team better" is total ********.

Habs won because they played better, which was just as much the result of Pacioretty's hit as me scratching my balls.
Look. I am not of those who actually believe battle X or Big Hit Y will usually change the flow of the game.

But until then, Rangers were being extremely rough on us. McD himself inflicted serious pain on both Patch and Prust.

Patch's boarding not only got revenge, it also removed the Ranger's #1 Defenseman. That changes the flow of the game.

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