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Originally Posted by CanadianHockey View Post
It's tracked by humans. One guy might see two players bump along the boards and call it a hit, while another won't. Repeat that x10 hits per game x82 games per season and you've got a large discrepancy.
T6his happens, to a much lesser degree in baseball say for counting defense at SS.

One guy, can't remember his name actually looks at every play or hit to the every SS to give a more consistent evaluation, at least in his eyes and it's almost universally accepted as being pretty darn good.

It's actually accepted as a better measurement of defense than what MLB uses.

I've said it numerous times Stats has more application and use in baseball and to a lesser degree in football than it does in hockey when players from both teams play offense and defense on the same shift or play, something that doesn't happen in baseball or football.

The very nature of hockey makes it less measurable than the two other sports.

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