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02-23-2013, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by leafspensfan View Post
just watch, he'll come here and sign for 3 mill
I wouldn't be so sarcastic about this. Asking for an unrealistic/inordinate sum of money (largely un-derserved based on production prior to last season, if that), can easily be deemed as a more "polite" way of asking for a trade/forcing yourself out of town.

Colorado has no clue how to take care of players with injuries like concussions. Former 1st rounder Joey Hishon and Erik Johnson are recent examples. I wouldn't at all be surprised if ROR didn't actually want to play for them for that and other reasons.

As far as whether or not he has mutual interest in coming here depends 100% on his interest/confidence/ability to play Wing (instead of centre), the "realistic sum of $$$" that he wants (if it's really only $3.5, we have more than 50% of that gone with Kennedy going the other way, for example; or Niskanen/Orpik, etc.).

Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post

Saying things like "Kennedy will figure things out" is how we get bounced in Round 1.

That sounds eerily similar to "getting to our game".
Jag's, I can't remember if it was you (I think it was) after game 1 of this year when I proposed trading Orpik someone said, and I quote: It's that type of thinking that gets us bounced from the playoffs in the 1st round? Was that you?

TK is the weak link in our chain this year. Wouldn't a big, tough power forward like Tom Wilson (from last draft as example) or Zack Kassian be a great fit on a team who wants a forward who can stand up to a guy like Gudbranson, who is essentially the next Scott Stevens of the NHL in terms of toughness (not many guys would want to pick a fight with him; and our only guys who are the same size who is actually a fighter, of which there is one, is Steve McIntyre, who is playing in the AHL. This is a problem if nobody else is going to step up.

Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
I'm in favor of keeping Adams as the 13th forward. When injuries inevitably hit, you can plug him into the 4th line and promote Jeffrey to the top 9.

I'm fully in favour of keeping Adams as #12/13 for this season, depending how long Geno is out for, and then next season SOLELY as the #13 guy. He's a warrior, great in the room, and exceptional at what he does, albeit a very narrow skill-set. Until Dustin Jeffrey and Joe "Victory" Vitale are more groomed for this role, we need Adams in that spot.

The only silver lining out of Malkin's injury, which I assume won't be NEARLY as long term as Sid's or others, is that Jeffrey will get the chance he has been deserving since the day he sustained that ACL injury. Otherwise, he was in jeopardy of being traded for scraps (i.e. Markus Naslund), or waived (like Adam Oates). I'm not saying Jeffrey will be 1/4 as good as those two, but I think he can be a SUBSTANTIAL trade asset if he can produce the way I think he can (i.e. I think he could bring in Setoguchi by himself, or Paajarvi or another team looking for a Centre, or the centerpiece of a bigger package for a better player, such as Brassard, ROR, etc...). But he needs some games to prove it.

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