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02-23-2013, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Panfork View Post
I'm referring to the Marty chant, and I'm referring to the considerably large group of Montreal fans saying McDonagh "got his" from Pacioretty. I know hockey is a game of "you hit me, I hit you," but I really refuse to believe hockey is a game of "you hit me, I crush your head on the boards."
Unfortunately, the game is more about "You hit me the way I hated, I'll get back to you when I can". How the end result happen to be is pretty tough to determine. McDo sees him coming, protects himself or wait for Pacioretty, don't play the puck and gives Pacioretty a check himself and you have a different turnaround.

I also hate to see players get injured. I personnaly prefer to see a "I hit you legally but hard and you'll hit me back legally and hard" than anything else INCLUDED some freakin brawl because a team can't accept that one of this teamates got hit hard. But nobody LOVES to see players getting seriously hurt. Thing is, Montreal fanbase was most like on the other end of those hits and fight and got a whole lot of lessons about what "strong hockey hits" are and how fighting non-fighters are still part of the game...

Anyway, we'll see how this end. I don't think your fans should just be too judgmental of your team. Wait till you have everybody back healthy.

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