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02-23-2013, 09:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
What's all this classless nonsense? It's hockey. It's supposed to classless. When I play I will take a guy's head off to win. What are you talking about? If Torts is stupid enough to put Danny out there in a decided game then that's what happens. Who wants to be classy anyway? I want to win a cup and if not then keep my self respect. As a Ranger fan I lost some self respect tonight. Thanks Torts.
Thanks for this.
I always hated the term 'classy', it's over used and I don't really want to see too much of it out there.
I wonder if the Rangers believe that it is 'classy' to not respond and make the opposition pay a price for their transgressions.

As for taking a slapshot on the 5 on 3, go for it. I know I would. I wouldn't give a rat's azz about the other team, within the boundary of normal play. Blocking that shot was the problem, nothing wrong with the Habs on that play.

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