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02-23-2013, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Lots of complaining about "systems". Break it down. Let's see if you really understand what system it is you think you hate.

And before you start, "dump and chase grind" isn't a "system". I want to see the set plays drawn out, wing lock, forecheck, backcheck, neutral zone, face off plays, breakouts, coverage, everything that goes into a system, detailed.

Draw up Tortorella and Sullivan's entire system. And then breakdown why exactly you believe it isn't working.


And then break down individual plays and come up with valid reasons why the smart play of getting the puck deep, rather then turning it over in the neutral zone or at the opposition's blue line, should be frowned upon.

Or if the current personnel is capable of "opening" up the play...or if you even understand what that means...

Complain about line combinations not working, but unless you have working knowledge of what systems are, it would be wiser not to question a highly regarded coach's systems.

Gaborik made his own bed. What happens to him is all on him. Systems don't prevent players from giving an honest effort. Gaborik doesn't want to work? He deserves to be benched in favor of a player who will work.
I agree with you 100%. Gabby deserved his time on pine. So have others, and they too need to be benched or scratched soon.

And here is my analysis of JT's PP system: lose the face-off, forward (named Richards) lugs the puck up the ice as slowly as possible to allow the defending team time to set up and read our "attack", our forwards hang out at the attacking blue line and wait for Richards to catch up, stand still and watch Richards dump the puck in deep. Now start from a stand-still and go chase the puck. If the defending team flubs the puck, recover it. Now, everyone form a wide circle along the walls, no one go to the front of the net. Stand still and pass the puck 3,000 times to tire out the defenders eyes, maybe they'll fall asleep. Do not shoot unless there is a perfect play to be made. Keep passing it around until you lose control, then turn and go chase it after the defending team fires it down the ice. Rinse and repeat.

So far, the team is executing this system to perfection!

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