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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
I would disagree, respectfully of course.

The issue at hand isn't that the Avalanche don't want to pay him like a #1 but want a return like he is a #1, as fans here and on the Trade Board have implied.

It's about the value of the 2nd Contract. More so because we just came out of a lockout. It's also about not setting a precedent that future Avs RFA's (and RFA's from other teams mind you) don't just hold out from what is perceived by the team as a fair offer, just to get more.

If an Offer Sheet were to come the Avs' way, I have no doubt that they'd match, because then they wouldn't be the bad guys around the league when it came to 2nd Contracts, and they'd be able to "save face" so to speak when they were in future negotiations by saying "Our hands were tied, there was an offer sheet..."

Add on top of that TPS has already provided us the information that Ryan won't sign an offer sheet. (Whether you wish to believe that is entirely up to you)

Seeing as how the Avalanche hold his NHL Destiny in their hands, for the most part, because he won't get UFA status until he's 27, they are able to wait until he either signs their offer, or they get a trade offer that they deem acceptable. Will it be the rumored return? Who knows, because each person in the Media (Dreger, McKenzie, Simmons, Healy, etc) have all given different answers to what the Avs are apparently looking for. Most recently it was said that if a team calls they're just telling teams to "Make an offer". (I find that to be a strange tactic, but I guess it could work if a team offers something redonkulous)

I'm not here to stir up trouble, but as someone who is both a fan of the Colorado Avalanche, but also a fan of Ryan O'Reilly. If he were to be acquired by the Jets, that would quite literally kill two birds with one stone for me, as I've been wanting a Jets jersey since they moved back up here, and I couldn't think of a better one than a Ryan O'Reilly one.
This is exactly what I said in an earlier post in this very thread. I suggested that we offer sheet O'Reilly and said that the Avs may even quietly thank us for it. They can't offer ROR what he wants because it opens up a whole can of worms for them, but if the Jets did and they matched, they can justify it.

I still believe that though Little is more valuable now, I'd rather take the short term pain of losing him for a long term gain, and would rather have him as the chip then Burmistrov. I do realize however not everyone holds Burmi in such high esteem.

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