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02-23-2013, 10:42 PM
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Back from SBP

man, what a game. Real gutsy performance by the guys. It wasnt as pretty as a game with our stars would be, but the sens looked like the better team most of the night, completely outworking the other team. Kudos to the coaching staff as well, it's clear that they were the better staff in preparation for tonight.

The game had, IMO, about 8000 leafs fans out of the 19499 announced attendance, with a heavy concentration towards the upper bowl obviously. I also noted a few suites full of leafers. That said, the sens fans went hard all night, matching the fan intensity easily. I was on the 300 sides, in a section that was probably 60-65% leafs fans. Very proud of the fellow sens fans in the section that counter-cheered them all night. To the credit of the leafs fans, at least in my section, even though the majority were piss drunk as usual, they were not confrontational and other than profanity issues, very respectful. This was probably a function of the game being so close and see-sawing all night, but for tonight at least, they were fine. I'll also mention that in the first period, a very distinct "oh ah silfverberg" could be heard for a while when he was on the ice from somewhere around the 300's behind the leafs net.

Back to the game:
- Alfredsson had a very very good night. Just solid all around and leading the attack quite often.
- Bishop looked a bit shakey on his glove hand, missing a few pucks (but still making the save by deflecting it). I expected after noticing it that the leafs would shoot glove more often, but didnt notice a real adjustment.
- Solid job by our patchwork defense. Yes, there were a couple of mistakes and giveaways, but overall the entire group deserves a big pat on the back. Extra applause for benoit on that block, sens fans went wild for him there.

-scrivens has serious rebound control issues.
-kessel was the most dangerous player on the ice from both teams. You could tell he was the only real star player in the game. To their credit, the sens defense did a good job taking the pass away from him, and bishop did the rest.
-leafs defense looked really lost at some times. Gunnarson was the worst i think, but phaneuf, especially early, had a ton of giveaways defensively and misplays at the blue line offensively.

all in all, a great game. I was extremely worried knowing our injury situation, and not expecting much, but the guys really delivered. Cant wait to pick up my free big mac tommorow. Also, big props to the sens sound guys for playing song2 as the goal song for the winner and for after the final horn. Really made the game feel like a sens playoff game.

also, looking at hf, it seems many leafs fans are griping about the officiating. Being in a majority leafs fans section, i can say that this was a complete non-issue to the fans watching at the rink. I dont know if the commentators were influencing leafs fans at home or they're just being homers, but really, that's not the reason they lost at all. A few may have complained about goalie interference on the second goal, and that kadri "trip" was barely noticed by the fans around me. The biggest gripe about officiating i heard from them was about the linesmen being primadonnas on the faceoffs.

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