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Originally Posted by LetEmKnow View Post
Popularity -> Demand -> Prices. (Popularity is reflected in demand. Demand is reflected in prices.)
Nope. That's simply false. I've referenced several examples, and you just refuse to consider them. There's tons of products which are not very popular in the grand scheme, but nevertheless see tremendous demand because they appeal to people who have lots of money to spend on such things. Hell, dollar-for-dollar Chicago hockey-parents probably outspend Chicago basketball-parents, even though baksetball is indisputably overwhelmingly more popular than hockey. Popularity != demand. It's merely one component of demand.

Speaking of demand, though, who do you figure gets more money for endorsing local products: Rose, or Toews & Kane combined? Who do you think is more recongized by Chicagoans?

One last thing, people have been mentioning TV numbers, so let's have some numbers:

NHL TV ratings: Blackhawks' numbers are through the roof

But the fact is, plenty of Hawks fans — regulars and new ones — have been glued to their TV sets watching the team play since the short season began. CSNC can surely attest to that.

The first Hawks game on the local sports cable channel aired this season on Jan. 20, and it was watched on average in 109,200 Chicago area households.

Last Tuesday’s (Feb. 19) CSNC telecast of the game against the archrival Vancouver Canucks that put the Hawks on the cusp of making history, was viewed in 259,350 households — a whopping 138 percent increase in viewers for Hawks games on CSNC just since the season began a month ago.

Bulls TV ratings take big hit without Rose

Bulls ratings on Comcast SportsNet Chicago are down 49 percent from last season's final regular season average, to a 2.96 average household rating, or just more than 100,000 households watching in the Chicago market.


Last season also included the three highest-rated Bulls games aired on CSN since the channel launched in 2004, setting an all-time record on Jan. 25, when more than 300,000 Chicago-area households watched the Bulls take on the Indiana Pacers.

So, the Hawks, en route to a history-making streak, didn't muster as many viewers as the Bulls did last year against the Pacers. Finally: these are all cable games, of course, and many households no doubt don't even have Comcast. I myself watch internet streams, for example. I wonder whether Rose had cable, for that matter.

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