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02-23-2013, 11:25 PM
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this def is not a clean hit, but i don't think it's going to get a suspension. this is very clearly a player in a vulnerable position. this is very clearly boarding. this is pretty clearly a hit to the head. the only thing i'll give him is that he "MAY" have left his feet mid-hit as opposed to a few seconds before it.

mcdonagh is cutting to the left with the puck. this is not a player who has any way of defending himself. the onus is on pacioretti coming in NOT to hit this player-- or at least not to get the head.

in pacioretti's defense, mcdonagh does cut last second, but there's zero doubt that pacioretti made a conscious decision to go after mcdonagh-- whether to board him or not, he knew who he was hitting.

by all logical reasoning this SHOULD be a suspension. checked the guys numbers, retaliated to a hit, boarded a defenseless player, resulted in an injury, 'may have' targeted the head, 'may have' left his feet. this is a clear violation of rule 43. the others are just extra

i like montreal. i like pacioretti, couldn't stand the chara hit and that it didn't get a suspension. i did not like this hit, and i want to see him suspended. i don't think he will be as they'll focus on the leaving feet aspect and i don't think it's conclusive enough

also: a hit from behind into the boards that draws blood is a 5 minute major any way you cut it far as i'm concerned. think the refs goofed

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