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02-23-2013, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Kwayry View Post
Gilroy is barely serviceable, I don't trust him and neither does Torts.

Why do you insist on trading DZ to fill the #3C need? That's robbing from Peter to pay Paul.
Boyle is a serviceable 3C. He needs to be upgraded, but why the urgency. Miller will replace him next season, if not later this season.
Every team has holes. If that's the only hole this team has, it will survive.
Because #3 center is more important than #6 D-man. You can hide a #6 D-man (and Gilroy is not Stu Bickel where he has to play 3 minutes a night), you can't hide your # center. Plus our top 5 is playing better than Richards. So now we only have 1 center playing decently.

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