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02-23-2013, 11:42 PM
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Augmenting TV Broadcasts & the "Second Screen"

We all remember the fiasco with Fox Sports and their FoxTrax crap. I'm not really proposing any of that. But I have noticed that the game can be difficult for new comers and even veteran fans to keep up who is on the ice on any given shift.

For myself, it's keeping up with the opposition lines. Or watching 2 teams that I don't watch to often now that I'm on Centre Ice.

What would you guys think about augmenting the broadcasts with player names imposed on the TV when play has stopped? Specifically during faceoffs. Have a circle appear under each player with their last name along with maybe their position almost similar to the EA's NHL games. Just during the face offs and have it removed once play resumes/begins.

Do you think such technology is possible? If such a system was implemented, would you see it more along the lines of the old FoxTrax gimmick used in the 90's, or would you consider it an enhancement to the watchability of the game?

Also, the NHL should pioneer the proper utilization of the "Second screen" that has permeated almost everyone's life. CBC had this feature called "Second screen" that was a lame attempt and utilizing the smart phone as an interactive aspect to hockey. But I was thinking of the potential for the NHL to have an app that updated real time stats such as hits, shot totals by player and teams, saves, scoring chances, etc that you could check in real time while you watch on your TV. It would help bring a lot more context to the game for not only new fans to the sport, but also long time fans as well. Having a live "chat" of the game for both home and opposing teams would also be great.

What are your thoughts about bringing technology into the sport? Do you think it would help open the sport up to more people? More than anything I feel the need to make the game more accessible. Game Center Live was a great step in the right direction but lacks some fundamental aspects.

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