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02-23-2013, 11:46 PM
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Here's what I don't get. The travel is being way overblown as an issue. Yeah, some teams have some travel concerns that other teams (in the East) don't have. Here's the bottom line:

2006 - Carolina
2007 - Anaheim
2008 - Detroit
2009 - Pittsburgh
2010 - Chicago
2011 - Boston
2012 - Los Angeles

Those are your champions since the previous lockout. Travel doesn't cause teams to NOT win the Stanley Cup. And THAT should be the main concern here. You can be a Pacific Division team and win the Cup. You can be a Southeast team and win the Cup (well, maybe not Winnipeg!). You can be Detroit in the CENTRAL Division and win the Cup. Just as often as any Eastern team with cozy travel. In fact, the "Patrick Division" teams (except Pit) haven't won in a while, though Jersey made the finals last year. It just happens.

So they should stop talking about travel like it's an on-ice issue. It's all about corporate sponsors. They shouldn't have the most say in this, because ultimately the league has to do what's best for the game, first and foremost. Respect the game.

Besides, fans are used to all kinds of start times to watch hockey. If you like hockey, you watch...any time.

I watch 10:30pm ET games that run until 1am all the time. I work at 7am. Why do I do this? Because it's hockey and I love it, so I watch and sacrifice sleep. This is what we do.

It just seems to me like there is too much tinkering for something that isn't really THAT broken. Yes Winnipeg is in the wrong division. Yes the Dallas situation should be addressed because they definitely are in the wrong division. But overall, they don't need to do THAT much tinkering.

Detroit needs to stay where they are. The mere thought of the Wings not having the Blackhawks and Blues right next to them is completely foreign. Hell, their rivalry with Nashville is already one of the best and it hasn't really been that long.

And Winnipeg really really should be in the same division with Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Natural rivalries.

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