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02-24-2013, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by molsonmuscle360 View Post
Trading Hall or Yakupov or someone like that isn't really going to end up making those types of trades worth it. And that's the only way we get those players. Personally, I'm content that the team is making progress in a lot of the team based areas like the PK. Even without the goal scoring they had last year, they are sitting higher in the standings. If and when they start scoring, that can only mean they will continue to move up in the standings.

I'd be trying to get rid of guys that have no real future here and guys that may not turn out that great like we thought. Guys like Whitney, one of Paajarvi or Harti and I hate to say it but I think Petry should go.

If they want to get really ballsy about moving forward, package one or two of those guys with next years first round pick. We should be able to get some size with a package like that, without sacrificing the current core of the team.

1) What is Whitney, one of MPS/Harti, Petry, and a 1st really going to get you in terms of assets to fill holes on this team? I agree with moving these guys - but the returns on these guys will do nothing to really make significant changes to the complexion of his team.

2) If you do work a miracle and get a couple bigger players to compliment our skill, where are they going to play when we still have all of Hall/Eberle/RNH/Yakupov/Gagner on this team? You think getting one winger with size and power-forward style game is going to make that big of a change? You still have 4 soft players with similar skill sets making our offense look redundant.

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