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02-24-2013, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
They made me miss the musings of Haynes/McNabb, because at least, when it came to the other team, Haynes/McNabb would shoot it straight, and more often than not put a good spin on how "great" the other team's players were.
No Haynes/McNab are unbearable atm when the team is bad. They sugar coat it too much and it's pathetic to listen to two announcers speaking as if nothing bad is happening. I don't know what they owe to the organization to not say that so and so sucks. McNab at least, I know Haynes is just the PBP.

To the person who asked, this was an awful game. We made very little happen offensively and were embarrassing at moving the puck out when the Kings forechecked. This is becoming a real problem because our team is almost as boring to watch as some of the traditional ones. We have no creativity and it's usually just one way traffic plus a bunch of the game ends up happening in the neutral zone.

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