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02-24-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Randy BoBandy View Post
Dump chase dump chase. Enter the ****ing zone with puck control you ****ing pathetic team. Are we really that unskilled that we cannot maintain puck control when crossing their blueline. We never and i repeat never do that. We just continue to give them the puck. We made the Flames look good. It looks like they have better players than us which is pretty sad. I watch a Flyers game or frankly any other game on tonight and you see both teams getting opportunities by carrying the puck and making passes to other players on their team. We just chip it up the boards to a guy who skates up to the red line and dumps it. The entire 2nd period looked like a ****ing powerplay for their team and what do we do once we get a puck give it right back to the. I hate our dump and chase system it is the most boring hockey around. I understand why we get ragged on by every ****ing team in the league and frankly I would love to watch Oilers hockey even though they constantly lose they are actually creative and making plays. We are a ********* team with zero dynamic players.
This!!! This mother ****ing this!!! I was just talking over the phone with my dad tonight about the game and he brought up this exact point. One of the many reasons why Eastern Conference hockey is so much more exciting to watch.

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