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Originally Posted by krazy kanuck View Post
I know Windsor has an international airport. I've flown there, and every other international airport in Canada Thunder Bay and East. Here's the thing, there aren't many CHL fans in Cuba. It won't matter so much for the actual teams, I presume they can charter a plane directly to Windsor. For fans and media however, you are much better off flying to Pearson and driving to Barrie than you are flying to Windsor. Why? Because in all likelyhood you'll have to connnect through Pearson anyway. Look at couple teams that may contend for the various titles next season:

Edmonton: Minimum 7+ hours to Windsor International, more likely 12+. Barrie would be less than 5 including the drive.

Halifax: 5-6 hours, compared to 3:15 for Barrie including the drive.

Plus you have the hassle of a connection in both cases to Windsor. Also, there is the cost factor. The only option is Air Canada. In most cases you're going to have a West Jet option to Pearson as well (very few West Jet options to Windsor). Halifax to Windsor would run you ~ $615 if you booked today over Memorial Cup weekend (that's without the demand that would be created if the Memorial Cup were actually in Windsor this year). Halifax to Toronto you could get for ~ $500.

For the above reasons, I think the GTA teams (+Barrie, Guelph) have a travel advantage for fans and media over London and Windsor. As I mentioned in my OP, I can also tell you that Mississauga presented it as an advantage in their bid in 2011. How much of advantage it actually was or will be this year, that I'm less sure of.
Interestingly enough, Windsorís location was never a factor in the WFCU Arena and the Spitfires playing host to the World Under-17 Hockey Challenge or the CHL Top Prospects Game in recent years. This is in addition to the OHL All Star Game, which was a resounding success especially in light of the fact that the Spitfires introduced the concept of playing an OHL alumni game as part of All Star festivities.

When the 2012 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge had to be suddenly moved out of Winnipeg after the Jets re-landed in that city, Windsor and the Spitfires mobilized quickly to step up and fill in as host.

If you want to go back to the 1981 Memorial Cup tourney, held at the Windsor Arena, the WHL representative was the Victoria Cougars, who had to travel to Windsor from a distance even farther than Edmonton. Additionally, the Spitfires have hosted a Subway Super Series game and the 1978 OHL All Star Game that featured a young Wayne Gretzky. So there is no question that Windsor and the Spitfires have as great resume for hosting events of the magnitude as the Memorial Cup.

WestJet and Air Canada both offer direct flights to Western Canada where passengers do not have to transfer planes at Pearson Airport in Toronto, by the way.

Sorry, Windsorís location is not in the least a detriment to a Memorial Cup bid. Nice try though!

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