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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
I don't think it says anything more than it did with the last realignment plan.
I disagree with this entirely.

The fact that the eastern conferences had the 7 teams and the leaders for expansion franchises were in the east...that would have led itself to a natural fix. This now makes a jumbled mess where Columbus and Detroit may wind up moving to a different conference very shortly after starting anew in this new system (and the trickle-down effect that would probably kick Colorado to another conference as well) say nothing about what could happen with Phoenix.

It's obvious that the NHL's endgame is 32 teams...and it makes no sense to expand by two teams in the west while Quebec is building an arena and Markham seems inevitable. Phoenix moving to Seattle (or staying in the desert) creates no problem...but Phoenix moving to Quebec...good God. It's one thing to have Winnipeg in the Southeast, it's another to have Quebec in the Pacific.

Mind you that kind of headache would hardly be just seems short-sighted.

As for's inevitable there as well. Be it Phoenix or an expansion team. Fun note to the Colorado/Seattle expansion connection in 1990 - both Denver and Seattle were set to get expansion teams in 1976, but when the Kansas City Scouts moved to Colorado, which caused the Denver expansion franchise to become redundant, Seattle lost their team. Unfortunately for Seattle the next time the league was opened up for expansion was the 1992 debacle (the Sharks were a special case and it wasn't a franchise that was up for bidding).

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