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02-24-2013, 01:30 AM
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I just dont know what to say about this ****ing team anymore. It just seems like night after night they come out and only a handful of them even give a ****.

This team doesn't work hard. They give up. They talk a big game but they can't back it up. This team has more talent on it than most of the teams that have beaten us this season, but we have the worst god damned offense in the entire NHL. We might as well write our final score down ahead of time: one goal. Our wins and losses are determined by if we can hold our opponent without a goal for a whole game, or if we can take them to a shootout tied 1-1. Because we sure as hell can't get that second goal in regulation! At least not with anything even remotely resembling regularity.

So what do we get when we sit down and watch a Wild game this season? A **** poor start, a little jump in the second usually, and a **** poor third. All we do is dump and chase, we're too god damned soft to bring the puck over the blueline on someones stick, and we get pushed around all the time.

Oh and the powerplay looks like burnt out garbage.

And on top of that, we're rotating player after player up from Houston as if were throwing players at the wall and trying to see what sticks. Almost none of our guys from there have gotten anything resembling a good look, they are get sent down a game or two later.

That is most everyone except Granlund. What the **** is Yeo doing to this kid? The guy has a phenomenal hockey sense, he just needs to get used to the pro game some more. He was doing great in Houston, so why not send him down there and get him toughened up and a little more seasoned? Instead were destroying his confidence by sticking him on the fourth ****ing line or were scratching him. Yeah, thats a FANTASTIC way to develop a player with such potential. Professor James Sheppard approves of this tactic.

For ****s sake...

I have no idea what is wrong with this team. Things were supposed to be different this year, after enduring year after year of total garbage. No, we're not supposed to be an elite team yet, but we should at the very least be a lock for a playoff spot with this roster. Instead it's the same ****ing thing as last year, and now I'm writing more of the same ****ing rants.

So who the hell is at fault here? Is it Yeo? Quite possibly. I HAVE to imagine his seat is getting a little hot right now. Does he deserve to be fired? I could go either way at this point honestly. In fact if I wake up tomorrow and hear that we've fired Yeo and given Ruff a job, I will probably enjoy a brief surge of optimism. I really want Yeo to succeed, I really do, because he seems like he really knows his ****, but how long are we going to let this slide, which has gone on for a year and two months now, continue? This team needs SOMETHING to spark it. Again, I have no idea what that is, it's the job of the coach and GM to figure it out, and it does not seem like they are getting the job done in that department.

I am perfectly happy with the job GMCF is doing. He has built an amazing team that SHOULD be giving Vancouver at least a half-assed contest for the division.

I had the same doubts about Yeo now as I did when I wrote my Eddy Xmas disaster rant. Yeo just does not seem like he knows how to motivate players. I mean we lost to ****ing Calgary tonight. The team with the leagues worst home record! What is our excuse? We don't have one anymore! We're deep enough into the season that all the sluggishness from this seasons hit-the-ground-running start should be long since worked out. But this team continues to look like crap on ice, and parts that were working earlier like the top line, just are not doing anything anymore.

Remember what I said last year? That I hate this team?

Well I STILL ****ing hate this team.

I am just disgusted here. Something needs to happen, and something needs to happen SOON.

But somehow I know that if we do end up firing Yeo, it will be at a time when no good coaches are available anymore. Why? Because that's just the Minnesota way. We never do things at the right time. Who wants to give me odds that we go on a hot streak the moment we are effectively eliminated from playoff contention? Anyone? Show of hands? Yeah, we can look forward to picking 10th again this year, cause we can't even fail right.

I don't get it. We just can not seem to get a hockey team that is consistent here. We get maybe one good year every 10-15 years of so when it comes to pro hockey here. It's a disgrace. A ****ing disgrace that Minnesota, a state so hockey obsessed that its Boys High School Hockey tournament outdraws the High School Football Playoffs in Texas, does not have a quality pro-team. We deserve one.

Maybe we're just ****ing cursed. I don't ****ing know.

God dammit, where's the tylenol...


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