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02-24-2013, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by RomersWorld View Post
Maybe if Thornton did break Toews' face into pieces than he would've given his team more energy. Instead, the Hawks were inspired and killed off the 4 minute PP that the Sharks had, while getting the best scoring chance of the PP. 3 minutes went by and then the Hawks drew a penalty and score 4 on 4 about 15 seconds later. Say what you will about Toews getting handled, but he clearly woke up the Hawks and the went on to win that game. If Thornton did more damage in the fight then maybe his team would've had more emotion and done something on the PP. Just saying. His team also lost tonight despite his fight.
what's done is done. why does every thread here have to be about the hawks? we get it, you've won a lot. no one cares.

this thread is about tonight's fight. do you have anything to say about that perhaps? there's a reason the Thornton/Toews thread got closed.

As for tonight, if you're implying that the Sharks loss tonight has anything to do with Thornton fighting, one way or the other... you haven't been watching the sharks much. which is fine, why would you? but Thornton is not the sharks' issue right now.

Back on subject, it was a great fight. One of the more entertaining ones i've seen recently.

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