Thread: Post-Game Talk: Whats a "Special Teams" Jets lose 5-3
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02-24-2013, 01:41 AM
It can't be done :(
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Originally Posted by Prot View Post
What's the deal with people's reading comprehension?

I don't think anyone is saying we lost this game because the reffing was bad.

Regardless of if we have the best or the worst PK in the league the reffing was 'effing horrid. If the Jets would have won by 429803 goals, I'd still be saying that.
You can't be complaing too much about penalties because over the course of the season it all ends up balancing out. I don't see anyone here complaing about the penalty to Coburn with 4 mins left. People seem to magnify the bad calls against the Jets but ignore the ones in their favor (Coburn penalty being the best example in this game). At the end of the day your PP and PK have to be atleast somewhat competent if you want success in this league. I am jealous when I see other teams move the puck beautifully on the PP, whereas the only move on the Jets seems to be to send the puck to the point for a blast by one of the defensemen. It is clear that our PP has been figured out, our PP numbers are artificially being inflated from early in the season when teams were not familiar with the Jets PP system.

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