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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
After 2013-14, if it's a choice between the two, I bet the habs will want to keep Diaz over Markov, and so will most people on these boards. But I suspect that if Markov wants to keep playing, then he will accept a smaller deal and a smaller role for the 2014-15 season. It's hard to see the future that far ahead but I don't see Markov being any faster in a year and a half, and Diaz will still be in his prime at 29.

Let's see what the next year and a half are made of first.

Well that isn't his job at all right now. He plays 3rd most ice time on the habs atm. I don't think it will get worse.

It's hard to say how much he will be worth at the end of 2013-14... but I'd def. sign him for 3M.. not even a difficult decision.
You raise good points. I have to say Ive been thinking of the D in the traditional sense, which goes back to having your top 2 guys getting 25 minutes or so, second pairing around 20 and 3rd pairing about 15 minutes. However, we havent been playing the forward lines in the traditional sense, except for the 4th line, as we dont have a 3rd line checking line, we have really 3 top lines that we are rolling. We seem to have success doing this and it appears to make up for not having a couple of game breakering all -star kind of guys. With the D, those 2 positions give you 120 minutes a game to distribute, or 20 min. per guy. I had the approach that you have a top 4 of the guys I mentioned and that leaves Diaz as a bottom pairing player. However, yes, if the Habs are willing to pay 5 guys top 4 type money, and quite frankly for Diaz that could be more like $4M a year, then he certainly would fit in. The added bonus of course is that we would then have 3 offensive type players in Markov, PK and Diaz capable of taking on more minutes should one guy go out, so wed avoid the wheels falling off like it has in the past. Again though, we would have to accept that we will be putting alot of money into our D, probably higher than the average team and this will affect obviuosly what we can pay for the forward lines. Emelin, PK and Diaz would all be due big raises if things go as hoped in their play, but then again maybe Markov wouldnt look for as much as he is making now and importantly, Kabs will be off the books for sure after next season and that money could go to somebody like Diaz. Cubes and Weber are there but their positions allow for spots the yound prospects we have to aim for. When you have an abundance of talent at one position, which we will hopefully have on the D in the next 2 years, you can trade from strength ala the Flyers. Who knows, this type of approach to rolling lines and D might one day be called the Montreal model.

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