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02-24-2013, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Procrastinator View Post
thats my point. hes buried behind the good old boys while he prob posses more hockey sense on the entire team with the exception of rnh and eberle. hes got speed, size and a good shot. totally being misused.
Excellent analysis and I agree totally. Mps anchored the 2nd line in OKC and he has developed maturity wise faster and further than the rest of the core group, he is the only one who has managed to equal the physicality of the NHL fully, he will stay and harti will drop down and MPS is alredy challenging Jones for his spot , his defense almost balances out his lack of goal scoring but with two GWGs already this year he is evolving upwards. next year Jonesy will be in deep.

People might have missed this but MPS actually has quite a competative mean streak we havent really witnessed full blown, I have seen glimpses of an angry and flying MPS with that Techno-Viking Nordic look in his eye. He has gone after some big customers this year and won more than he has lost battlewise.

Like everyone else he plays better with Gagner, put Yakupov with those two and we have our best line balance wise, Magnuses defensive awareness size ,speed and ability to play effectively without the puck are exactly what the 2nd line needs, simply because we need to light up Nail and to do that he needs the ability to break system rules occasionally and MPS can cover his arse along with Gagner if they need to. And they can keep up with each other, with MPSs support both Sam and Nail can become snipers creating a double threat making Yakupov even more effective, Hemmer didnt bring this compound effect which we need as an adge.

We very nearly screwed Magnus up with our wishy washy moves, we are lucky he is so undeniably talented as to seriously not be denied, if he were less mature and was fragile he would have already been damaged, instead he has shown more growth and maturity than his peers, OKC was very GoodMedicine for MPS and is a testament to Nelsons skills as a coach and Magnuses extra hard work and willingness to change in the hardest area of NHL hockey to evolve in for an offensive player-- the physical side, and he is a heavyweight so its even more amazing professionalism and maturity on display. Next year and in ten years people wll call Magnus the sleeper of the crop because I actually think he is going to break out offensively exactly like Gagner did by next year if he gets the minutes. He is the biggest most physically effective and able and close to the fastest young player we have , only Nuge is more defensively aware.

Magnus is part of my core , I feel he is going to be hotly chased in trade packages for some reason. Hang on to him Oilers and keep feeding him more and more work.

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