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02-24-2013, 02:05 AM
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I saw Alexandre Picard in a burger king a year ago, I told him too bad it didn't work out in Montreal and also best of luck for the next season.

But then it got weird, when I left the burger king he fallowed me outside and we both got into our cars. He kept staying behind me for about 15km driving south on the 25. Then I got off the exit and to my amazement Picard did too, I got a little scared so I accelerated but he was matching my speed...

5 minutes later we were now both driving at 140 km/h when I saw a train about to cross a road intersection, I decided to take my chance and I barely got through and Picard was too late.

I never got to see Picard again... I know it's not a question of if it happens but rather when it will happen.

But I am now prepared for that day.

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