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02-24-2013, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by cgf View Post
Basically, Greg from accounting is too patient with a really young team? The hell else do you want a Gm on a rebuilding team to do other than assemble young cornerstones like Dutchy, EJ, Varly and Landy, and put together pieces that can work around those cornerstones, Downie, Ginner, PAP, Hejda-Barrie, Wilson, Giggy. Sure the defense sucks mighty dick, but other than trying to overwhelm Garrison with a massive overpayment in FA, what more could he have done?
We are currently 29th in the entire NHL in scoring.
Last season we ended up 24th in scoring.
The season before that, we were 20th in scoring.

In my books, that reads regression. What the "hell" do I want from a team that suggested it was re-building 4.5 - 5.5 years ago?

I want to see us PROGRESSING !!!!!!

The team, and I'm talking ownership, management, coaches, salary cap, players both on offense and defense have in my books gotten worse for whatever reason. The only measure in my books where we have "built" anything, is in goal, and guess that why that is.

We went to the market and acquired what we needed.

Look, if your happy with the status quo (the way it is), and where our "re-build" (what a crock bare in mind) is, then all power to you.

This team needs a royal flush in my opinion. I'd take:

Landeskog, Stazz, Parenteau, Duchene, Johnson, Varlamov, Giguere, Mitchell, Mcleod, Olver, Downie & maybe Mcginn, and get rid of the rest from ownership down.

We need a complete culture overhaul here. A player or two isn't going to change this train wreck....and lets be fair, that is what it is.

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